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Drew Storen

One of the most persistent rumors of this year’s trade deadline has been of a deal involving Denard Span and Washington Nationals closer Drew Storen. Storen is pretty consistently praised as an upper echelon relief pitcher: “an ideal long-term closing … Continue reading

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When I Go Deaf

Today we revisit the PitchFX plots we talked about the last time I posted, some decades ago. While that post used last year’s PitchFX data, we now have up-to-date data for the entire Twins staff in 2011, so we’ll use … Continue reading

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Shake and Baker

This may be more interesting to me than to others, but I’m posting it regardless. Baseball research is moving forward at an incredible pace, and that is not necessarily restricted to statistical advances. PitchFX, Hit Tracker, and the upcoming Field … Continue reading

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Basic Science

Drew Butera in 2011, sans┬ámoustache: 100 PA, 0 HR. Drew Butera in 2011, with moustache: 3 PA, 1 HR. I hope you’re taking notes, Pavano.

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I Assure You, We’re Open

Brief programming note: reardon and I will probably continue to be scarce for the next week or two, so we beg for your patience until we are able to return to the important task of deriding Drew Butera (yes, I … Continue reading

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The Book I Write

Narrative is a powerful force in sports. In life too, I guess, but let’s keep this to sports. There is a common and compelling urge to transform the actions of a group of grown men throwing a ball around an … Continue reading

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Flip Flop Fly Bullpen

After a surprisingly successful rookie campaign (.311/.351/.448), Danny Valencia has only been hitting .212/.290/.315 this season, and has at times been called out by Ron Gardenhire in the media. A lot of his batting line last season was fueled by … Continue reading

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