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The Book I Write

Narrative is a powerful force in sports. In life too, I guess, but let’s keep this to sports. There is a common and compelling urge to transform the actions of a group of grown men throwing a ball around an … Continue reading

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Flip Flop Fly Bullpen

After a surprisingly successful rookie campaign (.311/.351/.448), Danny Valencia has only been hitting .212/.290/.315 this season, and has at times been called out by Ron Gardenhire in the media. A lot of his batting line last season was fueled by … Continue reading

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When There’s Nothing Left To Burn

A visual essay.

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Rock This Pitch

In a recent post on FanGraphs, Chris Cwik examined The Twins Pitching Woes. Really, it only seemed to focus on the Twins’ organizational emphasis on pitching-to-contact, specifically as that related to Francisco Liriano. I’m trying not to be overly sensitive … Continue reading

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Look at Banner!

I’m extremely excited to announce that we now have a more suitable banner for this site. Yes, part of that excitement stems from not needing to explain the penguins anymore, but more because the new banner is outstanding. We would … Continue reading

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Wave Of Mutilation

Watching Trevor Plouffe limp his way home during the Mother’s Day tilt between Minnesota and Boston made me wonder: is there anyone left to call up if he has to go on the DL? In turn, this let me to … Continue reading

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Follow You Down

To my knowledge, I had never seen a no-hitter before Tuesday. I have a vague recollection of seeing part of one while at the hospital for my youngest brother’s birth, but looking at this list it appears I’m mistaken. I … Continue reading

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