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Astroturf Principles: Replacement Level

Welcome to the first real installment of Astroturf Principles. I was going to begin the series with a discussion of regression to the mean, but haven’t been able to make satisfactory progress on it yet, so we’re going with replacement … Continue reading

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Sworn Blog-Foe #2

Yeah, we’re doing it: Johnny Damon, consider yourself a Sworn Blog-Foe of Plexiglass Principles.

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Rene Tosoni

Delmon Young to the DL, Rene Tosoni to the bigs. And he’s going to play┬áplaying, since it looks like everyone on the Twins roster is hurt or sick or both. This post is really mostly for my own benefit, since … Continue reading

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Sixteen Tons

Trivia question: who led the majors in starts at C last season, and with how many? For reference, I’ll include the leaders at all other positions: C) ??? ??? 1B) Prince Fielder, 160 2B) Chone Figgins, 161 3B) Chase Headley, … Continue reading

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Honestly, Barely Worth Reading

3 in a row! 3 in a row! This occasion calls for me putting up some bullet points instead of generating real content: Adventures in Middle Infielder Baserunning, Part I: Alexi Casilla, doing everything in his power to lose his … Continue reading

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Eli’s Coming

Dan Rydell: Eli’s Coming. Casey McCall: Eli? Dan: From the Three Dog Night song. Casey: Yes? Dan: Eli is something bad, a darkness. Casey: “Eli’s coming. Hide your heart, girl.” Eli is an inveterate womanizer. I think you’re getting the … Continue reading

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Never forget: Just to be clear: small sample size small sample size small sample size.

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